sábado, 6 de julho de 2013

4 Poemas de Alexander Jorgensen

"Tall Ships"
for Zuzana Hronkova

"Maternity Ward at Wesson Women's"

"Poem for Discharming"
A variation on Robert Browning



To live one’s life — Told you so, I told you so! — is commitment with a lock — so big.  And when you swallow it, your breasts . . . become . . . warm.

Ha!  Ah, yes. — A pinch or two of flake food — to the fish below. — And every time you raise the cover — gate to this thing — and light shines and they slow down, they think: “Oh, my gawd — is God — the God — merciful?” — Is as if someone reached into that pumpkin and removed all the seed.

Is morning and there’s a rooster in the barnyard — ? A fox is being chased by pack of hounds and — every step — minuteness.

Remember Odysseus. To the — he says: I am nobody.

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